Finally. On the Road Again!

It took 6 months, but SO (significant other, partner, lover, sweety), Ivar, Lou, and I finally made it back out in Gerdy, the Tiny Triangle. Way back in October, Ragnar, our 2013 Escape, died on the side of the interstate. The problem was a temperature thing, and it wasn’t the first issue we’d had. We tried a fix, but we decided that, since our ultimate plan was to live on the road for a while, we needed a dependable tow vehicle.  

Thus began the months of waiting, and watching, and more waiting, and some talk of extending our stay in our current house. There were a couple of issues afoot. First, thanks to the pandemic, the prices of new vehicles were ridiculous. Second, also thanks to the pandemic, finding a new vehicle on a lot was virtually impossible. The third issue could not be blamed on the pandemic. SO and I are really good together, but there’s a small trait that we share that sometimes gets in the way of quick movement: indecision. SO’s indecision is based on over-analysis. Mine tends to be due to a lack of trust in myself. I have always, I’m embarrassed to say, wanted to depend on others to decide. It’s a glitch I picked up as a small person and have never fully managed to eradicate. So, it took a while.

And then we got a little boost of energy from an outside source. Our land-person sent a text saying that they had decided it was time to sell their home. They knew that we intended to hit the road, and the stars seemed well-aligned. Hence, our “we could just stay here another year” imaginings slid out the window.

We went to the Ford dealership a couple of days later.

We popped over one evening, and the next morning we drove the Escape over and traded it for a 2021 Ford Ranger with 6,000 miles on it. It’s bright blue, and we call it, Birdy. With a tow-ball installed, Birdy and Gerdy fit nicely together. We took them out for their first test-run earlier this week, and the drive was smooth and easy. The trip itself came with some good lessons too.  Jump to my next post to read about our comedy of errors at a HipCamp site called, Everfree Shire Ranch.

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