A Short Trip to Mockingbirds Farm

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I woke up this morning in the shelter of tree limbs and with the call for fresh coffee coming through the tent window. Two skinny, smiling dogs were cavorting in the wildflowers outside the tent.

Steve, Ivar, Lou, and I are tent camping at Mockingbirds Farm, a HipCamp**.  This short little jaunt out into the countryside is a part of our year-long preparation for going on the road permanently next summer. Nomad life isn't far off.

This trip started off on a rocky note. Ivar has diarrhea, so my anxiety is up. Neither she nor Lou wanted to put on their Kitty Holster for the trip, we had procrastinated shopping, and Steve was coming off of two improv classes earlier in the day. We'd figured that since the place was only about 40 minutes from the house, we didn't need to work too hard to get ready.  

Lesson Learned: No matter how close the camp, prepare as though it's hours away. The stress of travel day, no matter how far the journey, seems to be the same.

We ended up forgetting a few things. Nothing really important, but still. And it all worked out anyway.  Mockingbirds Farm is a sweet little place. Cait, the owner, had called to talk to Steve the day before. We had good directions, and we found out that we'd have some amenities like potable water, a composting toilet, wifi, and some use of the cabin on the property if we needed it.  There are also dogs (as mentioned), horses that like carrots, and donkeys that enjoy strawberry pop-tarts. There's lots of shade, chairs, tree swings, and a couple pools, though they weren't in working order for our visit due to all the recent rain.

We are definitely putting Mockingbirds Farm on our list of places to stay when we need to visit San Antonio, which will likely be every few months for a while since we're both tied here in various ways.

If you have the opportunity to visit the area, want a place that's near the city but doesn't feel like it, and don't feel like hard-core camping, this spot is worth a look!

Happy journeys!



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