Runes, Trailers, and Getting Dressed

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I'm sitting here listening to a playlist I put together last night. 

One of the things that I do is teach, and about 2 months ago, I decided that I would create an e-course designed to help folx find their way into the runes, an old alphabet/oracular/magical system.  At the time, I was snoozing - it was nap-time, and I semi-dreamed, "oh, yeah.  this will be easy.  I'll just design 24 or 25 emails, and then I'll open the course."  Then I got overwhelmed.  I started freezing.  


I jumped.

I opened the course without a single email completed.

It is one of the most labor-intensive things I've ever done.  Every week, I spend HOURS finding different ways of experiencing each rune.

It is also one of the coolest things I've ever done.  I love it.  It's true what they say, the best way to learn is to teach.  This course is blowing my mind.  

And it's exhausting.  But I guess that's the payment.  I get to do what I love.  And today I'm listening to some beautiful harmonies that I wouldn't have paid attention to if I wasn't teaching this course. 

Shameless plug - in case anybody ever reads this: if the runes interest you, or if what I just wrote sounds intriguing in any way, you can read about the course here: A Creative Journey with the Runes.

Steve and I went and looked at an A-liner trailer yesterday.  It was....good.  The trailer itself was fine.  It was, basically, what I expected.  The dealer-rep-guy was a jerk.  Steve says he was eating his lunch.  Whatever.  His attitude was crap, and I allowed that to really impact my mood.  I've been anxious anyway; my body is giving me signals that are scaring me.  This guy's lackluster approach to telling us about the trailer was really disappointing.  Still....

I think we've probably found our house.  

Yes.  House.

We are absolutely planning on giving up a sticks-and-bricks living for life on the road.  The intention had been to give up our lease this summer, but COVID got in the way a bit more than I wanted to admit.  We decided to put the big shift off for a year and spend 2021 finding the little portable house, shedding our material belongings, and spending time on the road with the cats.  So far, most of that on-the-road-time has been using HipCamp* - basically the Air BnB for campers of all ilks.  

Cats.  In kitty holsters with leashes.

Lest you think this is a new idea - let me be clear... I've been watching various van-life and cheap RV living videos since 2016.  I've been dreaming about pulling roots and running free for a while.  It just didn't start to seem possible until a few years ago.  Then, Steve and I joined our lives, and he was into the idea too.  So...  eventually, we'll be off, and hopefully our adventures will find us on improv stages across the country.

Why A-liner?  Well...  First, we have a Ford Escape that can only safely tow up to 2000 pounds, so we're limited in that sense. The Escape was a gift, and it just makes sense to go with what we've got rather than trying to buy something bigger right now.  Instead of buying bigger, we had the back end of the Escape built out.  There are folx out there on the road living in less.  It's pretty sweet, but we need a little more room.

Enter the trailer search.  The A-liner fits our needs in one really big way.  There's a little floor space.  We've looked at and really liked teardrops, but...

 and while they're pretty adaptable, they do require a few things.  Specifically, a cat box.  I suppose we could have built a shelf above the bed in a teardrop but I don't relish the idea of cat litter in my face as I wake up in the morning. We've also talked about keeping the tent as an extra living room, but the idea of getting up in the middle of the night with a crying cat, stumbling from the tiny trailer to the tent in the dark, and unzipping the tent enough to drop the cat in without injury sounds overwhelming.


fits our needs. 

Can't imagine living on the road in a tiny rolling A-frame with two cats?  Well, keep an eye out.  It's coming.

Finally... this getting dressed thing and working in my office...  sigh.  It's fine.  I AM getting into the office, and that's good, and even though I'm not really as jazzed about the creative dressing idea as I was last week, I'm hanging in there.  I am getting dressed every day, and I think that's good.  I get up, drink a bit of coffee, do a tiny bit of art, brush my teeth, wash up, and get dressed.  Then into my office I go.  I'm feeling pretty creatively dead, aside from the rune course, and my worry about my health and not really knowing what to do about it is getting to me, but at least I'm here.  I'm in front of the computer.  I'm writing things even if they're not inspiring.  


Here I am hiding behind my favorite coffee mug.

That's today.  And yesterday.  If anything interesting comes up, I'll jump in and write about it.  Things that could show up in the coming weeks: I'm starting my 2nd year shamanic apprenticeship, non-linear movement, my wool explorations, books, my decision to leave my professional license, and maybe my courageous journeys into the medical system to try to figure out what's going on with me.

Oh, hey... as thanks for reading this little missive, if you use THIS LINK you'll get $10 off your first HipCamp trip!  I'll also get $10 off my next one, so it's a win-win situation.


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