Day 1 in a Dark Blue Dress

April 30, 2021.

I've had a PhD for 8 years today.  I've also been an adult orphan for 8 years today.

It's Walpurgisnaught.

And my Willow swing dress from Wool& finally arrived, and I'm starting my #100daydresschallenge...right now.

I decided to blog about this experience every day because for some reason, it feels like it could be deep.  Maybe it's because today is today.  Maybe it's because my new Willow is the color of a deep dark ocean and that reminds me of the self-forgiveness work that I want to practice around a particular crystal clear moment in my Mom's death story.  

It just feels right.  So.  Here's to the next 100 days in a dark blue dress.  Here's to 100 days of forgiving myself for something that has already been forgiven and forgotten.  

And here's to self fucking acceptance.  Over and over again.

Willow unfiltered.  That means I'm unfiltered too.

Willow bright.  Nipple and belly included.  Here's to accepting this 51-year-old body.


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