Hi. Call me Fálki.

That's Fowl-key.  But I'm not going to freak out if you say it wrong.

So, I've published quite a few blog posts on various sites over the last 15 years or so. Most of them have been related to mental health, self-improvement, personal growth and transformation, yoga, and mindfulness, but some of them have been personal, and usually at least a little dark - introspective to a fault. 

This is something new.  I think.

I'm 51, and I want to talk about stuff that interests me - stuff that may not always be serious or deep. I wanted a place to write about fun and interesting things that have nothing to do with the work that I do. This space is a place for me to talk about the fun and interesting (and maybe even kind of frivolous) things I'm discovering in my world. I'm going to write about explorations with clothes (including a 100-day challenge with ONE dress), camping, tiny-trailer buying, and nomadic living, art, and cat-leash training.  And really...whatever I feel like talking about.

Here's the basic About Me information if you're interested: I'm a dancer, artist, and theatrical improviser. I live with my stage and life partner, Steve, and our 2 cats, Ivar Needletooth and Lou. Currently, we're in a little 1920s house in San Antonio, Texas, and we're slowly but surely preparing for a nomadic life on the road. I'm a creative entrepreneur piecing together a life as a freelance writer, sometime artist, rune reader, yoga teacher, shaman, breathworker, and life coach.  

I'm semi-obsessed with somatic health and embodiment, and I practice Non-Linear Movement and Feldenkrais. I'm also a hoop-dancer. 

Oh.  And I love coffee, recently learned how to play the card game Hand and Foot, and believe that Zentangle saved me from a pit of doom.

I think that's enough.


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