The Runes

The Runes. 

They are lines on stones or wood rounds or clothes pins or pieces of paper.

They are letters, most of them, with phonetic qualities.

They are magic sigils. 

More than any of these things, the Runes are Mysteries. They contain the secrets of all the Worlds.

The Runes called to me years ago, and I fell in love.  Each individual Rune, and the mystery of the Runes as they wove together, seduced me.

The latch that holds their magic unlocked for me, and the door that cracked then continues to open for me.  The codes and stories and symbols within them stream up and and around clear as day to my eyes.

I have bathed in their magic on my own, and now They call me to service.  

To read for others, to sing and to share.  It is time, so They say.

Copyright Fálki Heiđdóttir


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