The Calling

As I slide toward 50, I become more aware of my desire to dive into my work as an intuitive guide and healer.  I do rely heavily on intuition in my work as a professional counselor and coach. I am guided always by what my intuition tells me about my clients and what they may need in any given moment, but my intuition has always needed the backing of outside authorities.  I temper my intuitive responses with proven theoretical explanations. My intuition is contained.

I am called to release it.  The Work that sings my name is far from my mainstream profession. 
The calling that I hear comes from under the deep roots of Yggdrasil, and the voices I hear are
cracked with time and timeless - both at once. The Runes call to me; they sing from the deep waters
of the Well.  My shaman ancestors and witch grandmothers speak my name in the darkness.
My orlog, my personal thread in the great tapestry of Wyrd is buzzing and whistling and screaming to me.

I have tried to integrate this deep arterial blood into my surface work, and I believe I have been
honest and also relatively successful, but I also feel moved.  Now. To go further. I am planning a split.
I am opening a space that will allow my Intuition to take charge as a spinner, a reader, a seer, and a

And I’m scared.

I have long been a Credential Collector.  I collect trainings and pieces of paper and signatures that
say I am capable and trustworthy and even an expert in some things.  I have, for as long as I can
remember, relied upon permission from outside to do what I do. I have needed the container. That
container keeps me from feeling vulnerable.  It protects me from criticism. It keeps me Safe.

And every message that I am receiving says that safety is not my Path.  

Right now, I feel jazzed up.  I feel juicy and open and ripe.  I feel vulnerable and Brave.

I feel that I am stepping into my own Bones. 

Copyright Fálki Heiđdóttir


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